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Practical informations :

Festival & Events:


- Mountain biking: the only way to experience the nature of Kenya is by bicycling. Biking is far from busy roads. You will experience a different face of Africa, local village and traditional tribesmen, breathtaking sceneries and wildlife grazing on the plains. This event is a challenge that one should consider taking part in when in Kenya.

- Whale shark diving: it is the world’s largest fish. It is a high migratory deep-sea fish that occasionally ventures to a number of coastlines around the world. This incredible occasion is a unique opportunity as you are usually guaranteed to get up close with this amazing and gigantic yet elusive fish

March - October

- Quattro charge: this is an annual event where the bug boys and now big girls, come to participate in an obstacle challenge for 4X4 vehicles in some very ungodly terrain.


- Kenyan open golf :it is an annual golf championship tournament held in Kenya, that makes up part of the PGA European Challenge Tour


- Sawa sawa festival: it is held at the Sarakasi Dome in Ngara (Nairobi). This is a 3-days festival that showcases various musicians both local and international.


- The International day of responsible Tourism: The aim of June 2nd Day is to make all the people involved in tourism industry sensitive about the concept of Responsible Tourism. The first edition has been organized on June 2nd 2007 under the theme: "No to Sexual Tourism, borderless crimes". This first edition was also organized in different countries in the world: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Togo, Senegal & Niger. International conferences are organized every year on two days (June 2nd) in one specific country and also in different country members thanks to the commitment of the members of the International Coalition that Mlilo Community Tours and Safaris takes part.

- Lewa Marathon: perfect for a runner in quest of adventure! It is also the only race of its king that runs within a game reserve, across the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, next to Mt Kenya.

- Rhino charge: it has got to be one of the “best ideas” in the history of fund raising. A cars competition where the winner is not determined by the speed in which they travel, but completion of this grueling course with the least distance covered.

- Safari sevens rugby: it is an iconic event held every year at the Kenya Rugby Union Football Club in Nairobi


- International camel derby: it is an annual event held in the northern region of Kenya which has favorable climate for these wonderful creatures. It is also a spectacular festival packed with a variety of events that draws visitors from all over the world. There is also a chance to displays of traditional local dancing. The Camel Race is recognizing not only as a serious international sport but also a great tourist attraction.

- Wildebeest migration: once a year, every year (august or October), the wildebeest and other plains game estimated to number half a million animals, including zebra, topi and gazelle, move in mass on a journey which takes 3 to 4 weeks from Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve. 9 months later they all head north again.

12th-14th August

Mekatilili Festival


- Nairobi Int’l Trade Fair: the trade show is held at Jamhuri Park, and showcases Kenyan’s best in commerce and agriculture. Local and international exhibitors display and demonstrate their products and services.

- International book fair: it is held at the Sarit Centre in Nairobi. Offering poetry, book discussions and readings, from a number of recently published books.


- Stanchart marathon: in Nairobi. It is a major athletic event held in Kenya. This remarkable sporting even brings together athletes and supporters regionally as well as internationally to Nairobi.


- Crafts of Africa: it is an amazing annual event, held at Sarit Centre in Nairobi. It showcases wide range products from leather items to wooden carvings, African attire, jewellery, house decors, sculptures and paintings, all on exhibit and for sale.

- Lamu cultural festival: it is a celebration of the distinctive Swahili heritages of the Lamu archipelago, honoring the past, the future and the values and customs that are the essence of the Lamu Archipelago. Swahili poetry, musical performances, traditional dances, Swahili bridal ceremony, henna painting, handicraft, donkey race… are guaranteed. It is a breathtaking opportunity to experience the heritage of a captivating island where the past lives on.

- Mombasa carnival: it features parades and floats from every conceivable cultural and religious group in Kenya. The main stage features local bands and dancers, with the smaller stages giving you the chance to see local traditional Kenyan dances.


- Safari Rally: Kenya is home to the famous Safari Rally commonly known as one of the toughest rallies in the world and part if the World Rally Championship for many years until its exclusion in 2002.

- Christmas Fair: it is filled with plenty of stalls that sell all sorts of wonderful locally made products. It is a good place to buy your Christmas gifts whilst you socialize with people, along with entertainment for the whole family.