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Our Partners :

Strategic partners

Malindi District Cultural Association (MADCA)

MADCA is an organization that promotes cultural tourism in the aim of improving standards of living in the Bungale community in Magharini Division. Visit Madca Facebook

Sabaki River Estuary Youth Group (SREYG)

This is a group from Sabaki Estuary that is dealing with ecotourism for the conservation of the Sabaki Estuary and the improvement of the communities’ livelihoods. Sabaki River Estuary Youth Group has been on of our key partners. Visit SREYG Webpage


As the legislated guardian of wildlife in Kenya, KWS takes a key role in the implementation of the community wildlife program. CWS provides the institutional capacity through its extensive and experienced workforce implementing conservation activities around Kenya’s protected areas. Visit


Kenya Forest Service is a State Corporation established in February 2007 under the Forest Act 2005. Its mandated to conserve,develop and sustainably manage forest resources for Kenya’s social-economic development. Visit


The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is established under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) No. 8 of 1999, as the principal instrument of government in the implementation of all policies relating to the environment. Visit


Coast Development Authority is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament,Cap 449 of the laws of Kenya, to provide integrated development planning, coordination and implementation of projects and programmes within the whole of Coast province, Ijara district of North Eastern Province and Kenyan Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Visit CDA Webpage


The Ministry of Tourism is charged with making Kenya a destination of choice and to facilitate sustainable tourism developments part of our national heritage and for posterity. We are proud to work in such a dynamic and challenging sector, and are proud of our position as one of the world’s premier destinations and our excellent record in the conservation and protection of great wealth of natural resources. Visit


The Kenya Community Based Tourism (KECOBAT) network was launched in August 2003 as a membership umbrella organization representing the interest of Community Based Tourism (CBT) organizations in Kenya. It aims to facilitate information sharing; delivering appropriate technical support and advisory services; mediating and lobbying their interests to government and other relevant institutions and thereby integrating community concerns into national tourism. KECOBAT Network can be regarded as a “trade association” representing the poorest sections of the tourism sector. By being the central point of contact, KECOBAT Network, links between these, often-inaccessible, communities with the government, the private sector, NGO’s, donors, and training institutions thereby making it easier and less time consuming to work with. Visit

National Museum of Kenya

The National Museums of Kenya (NMK) is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament, the National Museums and Heritage Act, 2006 no. 6 of 2006. NMK is a multi-disciplinary institution whose role is to collect, preserve, study, document and present Kenya’s past and present cultural and natural heritage. This is for the purposes of enhancing knowledge, appreciation, respect and sustainable utilization of these resources for the benefit of Kenya and the world, for now and posterity. Visit

Mombasa & Coast Tourist Association

Mombasa & Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) promotes inbound and domestic tourism to the Kenya coast region, and holds that tourism is a major force for the coast regions economic and social development via expansion of foreign exchange earnings, gross domestic product and employment. The Kenya coast enjoys one of Africa’s most prolific wildlife populations, many hundreds of kilometers of tropical beach and many diverse interesting areas of natural beauty but, as a developing nation, has considerable pressures on land use and poverty reduction. Visit


Tarikih operates a primary school in Hola in the Tana River District in Kenya. Visit

Association Natives

Envie de voyages qui mêlent à la fois la rencontre, l’échange, le partage et l’immersion avec les populations locales, l’initiation à leurs traditions et la participation à leurs activités quotidiennes ? Envie de découvrir de nouveaux horizons, des communautés autochtones tout en respectant leur culture et leur environnement, en les aidant à se développer durablement et à subvenir à leurs besoins ? Visit Association Natives


The Federation of Community Based Tourism Organizations (FECTO) is an umbrella body of all community based tourism enterprises in Kenya that acts as a platform for presenting one voice on community based tourism and conservation issues. The goal of FECTO is to provide quality services to communities who seek to manage and utilize their natural resources in an equitable and sustainable manner through tourism.Visit Fecto

Rural Tourism Network

Its a multi-stakeholder Community-Based Rural Tourism development & Promotion network that design and develop rural village tourism strategies and products by effectively transforming them into tourism offerings through exploitation of existing untapped potential in village assets, (with a focus on quality standards) to create employment and incomes for the rural communities.Visit RTN Website

Global Travel & Tourism Partnership Kenya

The Global Travel & Tourism Partnership Kenya (GTTPK) is a member of the prestigious Global Travel & Tourism Partnership (GTTP).
Our aim is to enable teachers deliver academic and vocational curriculum relating to travel, tourism and hospitality more effectively, thus excite students into careers in these industries. GTTP Website